Client Testimonials


  Here are what some very satisfied clients had to say about me. These are their exact words, which can be found on my Avvo site. Their names and case information has been hidden due to attorney-client privilege, which is very important to me.  
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL “Mr.Johnson is truely a awesome lawyer and a good person.I aquired his services this past year and when I had my mind set that things would turn out for the worse Kevin kept telling me that everything would work out fine and it did.I would highly recommend him to represent me if ever needed he had an exceptional amount of knowledge of the laws and was right on with the outcome of my case.”   CLIENT TESTIMONIAL “Mr. Johnson represented me in a criminal matter. He was not like other court appointed lawyers. He took the time to visit me in the jail and explained my case and answered all my questions. He got me a great deal and got me out of jail. He is a great lawyer.” CLIENT TESTIMONIAL “When I was served papers that said I was being sued for a very old debt I had no idea what to do. Kevin helped me handle the situation in a calm manner, and I ended up settling the debt outside of court for about 60% of what I owed. This was because Kevin negotiated with the other attorney and got the amount lowered for me. Kevin did a great job of giving me advice and informing me of my options in this situation. I highly recommend his services!”   CLIENT TESTIMONIAL “Kevin was very helpful when I filed for bankruptcy. I had a lot of questions and he knew all the answers. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone.”   CLIENT TESTIMONIAL “I luckily have never found myself in legal trouble before, but when I did need an attorney Kevin was a great choice. He is very knowledgeable, had an answer for every question of mine and informed me well in advance of anything coming up. I recommend him to everyone who asks me for a good lawyer.”   CLIENT TESTIMONIAL “Kevin is a lawyer that has your interset in mind, he works for you. He knows and understands the law. He directed us on things that we needed to do, in order for our case go as smooth as possible. Kevin was with us all the way through our case, he was with us in court and stood behind any issues and helped assisted with a questions that came up.”